Our Technology

GWT’s patented, sustainable algae-based wastewater treatment technology is a cost-effective solution used to comply with new, more stringent municipal and industrial wastewater discharge permits. 

Using nature to solve problems.

Our system uses vertically oriented conveyor belts that grow algae on their surface. As the algae grow, it consumes nitrogen and phosphorus from the wastewater while it uses sunlight and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to rapidly grow algae biomass. 

The algae produced during this process can be harvested and used to make fertilizers, bioplastics, and biofuels, providing an additional revenue stream alongside an already more economical system.

Advantages of the RAB System

Lower Energy and Operational Costs

No Costly Carbon or Chemical Inputs

Simply Scrape Harvested Algae

Sellable Algae Offsets Operational Costs

Economical solutions for your industry.

Our RAB™ system can be used for a wide variety of municipal and industrial applications as a sustainable, environmentally-friendly water treatment solution that is reliable, effective, and more affordable.

We don’t just think green, we grow it.