Using nature to solve problems.

Our short story.

In 2014, Gross-Wen Technologies was founded by Dr. Martin Gross and Dr. Zhiyou Wen at Iowa State University while developing GWT’s sustainable RAB™ system to help municipal and industrial clients effectively treat wastewater in more economical and reliable ways.

Since then, GWT has grown into a trusted source for environmentally-friendly wastewater treatment.

Our mission has always been simple.

Since its formation, the mission has been to provide a sustainable algae-based wastewater treatment that is effective, reliable, and economical.

We have reinvented the way pollutants are viewed through our innovative, patented process of recovering nutrients from wastewater with algae and then recycling those nutrient-rich algae into slow-releasing algal-based fertilizer – an additional revenue stream!

Our Team

Dr. Martin Gross

Founder and CEO

Ken Rubin


Max Gangestad

Chief Operating Officer

Paul Juffer

Chief Financial Officer

David Simpson

Dir. of Manufacturing

Paul Simpson

Dir. of Operations

Phil Gates

Dir. of Bus. Development

Steve Wirtel

Dir. of Circular Economy Solutions

Randy Simpson

Dir. of Research and Development

Jens Dancer, P.E.

Dir. of Engineering

Jared Garcia

Operations Manager

Drew Greene

Lab Manager

Wade Morrison

Project Manager

Adrian Arnold

Procurement Manager

Geert Boelen

Algae Processing Manager

Maddi Davis

Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

Wade Hoyle

Field Engineer

JJ Mcntire

Operations Technician

Mark Rogers

Operations Technician

Cade Gochenour

Operations Technician

Will Johns

Lab Technician

Alex Ozuna

Research Technician

Lisa Galetich

HR Manager

Jade Vuong

Financial Analyst

Kyle Woiwood

CPA, Tax Manager

GW Nutrition Team

Anita Norian


David Phillips

Vice President and Co-Founder

Laura Wonderling

Research and Development

We don’t just think green, we grow it.