The algae-based, sustainable wastewater treatment solution.

The Revolving Algal Biofilm (RAB™) System

Our innovative algae-based wastewater treatment technology is a cost-effective solution to sustainably and reliably recover nutrients from wastewater.

Using nature to solve problems.


As the most sustainable wastewater treatment on the market today, GWT’s patented process helps you meet more stringent water quality standards and by using algae to recover nitrogen and phosphorus from the wastewater.

The nutrient-rich algae produced can then be harvested and sold as a slow-release algal fertilizer, creating an additional revenue stream and ensuring your water’s useful byproducts do not go to waste!

We develop clean, sustainable technology.

Are you interested in a sustainable, effective, reliable and affordable option to treat your wastewater? GWT’s Revolving Algal Biofilm (RAB™) system effectively recovers nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater while producing algae biomass that can be sold as a fertilizer or bioplastic.

We don’t just think green, we grow it.