A Better Way to Treat Wastewater

Gross-Wen Technologies uses its patented wastewater treatment technology, known as the revolving algal biofilm system (RAB), to cost-effectively recover nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater. Compared to other treatment options, our system is significantly more affordable and produces algae biomass which can be sold as a slow release algal fertilizer or bioplastic.

The Revolving Algal Biofilm Wastewater Treatment Process

Are you interested in a sustainable, effective, reliable and affordable option to treat your wastewater? GWT’s revolving algal biofilm (RAB) system effectively recovers nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater while producing algae biomass that can be sold as a fertilizer or bioplastic.

An Affordable, Green Water Treatment Option

Not only will our wastewater treatment process help you meet your new water quality standards, but it’s also the most sustainable wastewater treatment on the market today. Our technology uses algae to capture nitrogen and phosphorus from the wastewater. This phosphorus and nitrogen rich algae can then be sold as a slow-release algal fertilizer so that your water’s useful byproducts don’t go to waste!

Iowa-DNR-Approved, Effective Technology

Our process has been approved during an evaluation process by the Iowa regulatory agency IDNR. This means the technology is not only effective but also has gone through the regulatory process to confirm it is a safe and reliable option to treat wastewater.

Join the GWT Team

Are you ready to revolutionize the way water is treated? We are looking for new team members that are willing to challenge the status quo and brave enough to face the uncertainties of doing something that has never been done before!
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