About Gross-Wen Technologies

Gross-Wen Technologies exists to help municipalities and industrial clients sustainably treat water in more effective and affordable ways! Our technology was developed at Iowa State University, and from there, we’ve grown into a trusted source for environmentally friendly wastewater processing.

Sustainable and Effective Water Treatment

Since our company’s conception, our mission has been simple: to provide algae-based water treatment that is sustainable, effective, reliable and affordable. We’ve reinvented the way nutrient pollutants are viewed through our process of extracting nutrients from wastewater with algae then recycling those nutrients through a fertilizer or bioplastic product.

Meet Our Team

Gross-Wen Technologies was founded by Dr. Martin Gross and Dr. Zhiyou Wen in 2014. Since then, we have invited other talented professionals to join our leadership team and help our company continue to grow. Learn more about how our team and our technology has advanced over the years by checking out our company timeline.

Dr. Martin Gross

Founder, President
Expert in algal wastewater treatment technologies

Dr. Zhiyou Wen

Founder, CTO
Expert in development of algal cultivation technologies

David Furbush, MBA

Vice President
Expert in project management and financial services

David Takes, JD

Board Member and Advisor
President and CEO of Doerfer Companies
Doerfer is GWT’s manufacturing partner for the RAB technology

Patrick Ball, MBA

Vice President of Operations
Expert in wastewater treatment with a Grade 4 Operator License. Former Utilities Director for the City of Cedar Rapids

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